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Funny Bone Logic DVD

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Funny Bone Logic DVD

Utilizing techniques from yoga, creative visualization, movement therapy, and others, Giggly and Gumbo take the whole family on a heart-opening, interactive journey to The Giggle Bubble Glass Castle. In a time when kids are feeling the stress of our changing world, Giggly and Gumbo give creative tools that help children cope. Whether you are whooshing, Vooming, or growing like a flower, Funny Bone Logic offers an imaginative experience for kids that helps build their self-esteem and teaches them healthy ways to explore their emotions.

Recommended for kids age 3-6

Click here to learn more about the exercises, and brain science behind this program!

6 Responses to “Funny Bone Logic DVD”

  1. Kristin Says:

    I absolutely adore this video and would suggest it to any parents of young children who are looking for pure wholesome innocent fun. It touches the heart and soul of kids of all ages.

  2. Peter D Says:

    Cool video! My grandkids loved it.

  3. Mark A Says:

    My kids (3 and 6) really enjoy this video and always laugh at Gumbo Wobbly. Fun for parents to watch as well!

  4. Jessica Says:

    My boys loved it. My 3 year old said “can we go there someday…is it in Africa?”

  5. Barbara Says:

    My granddaughter has watched Funny Bones 10 times and plans to watch it another 10.
    I let her, because I love the movement in it and also all the positive energy.
    Thank you, Granny

  6. Christine Brandt Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that my children (ages 6 and 4) are still talking about Gumbo Wobbly and Giggly Sprout all the time! We saw you this summer (2009) at High Sierra, and this year it really clicked with them. I like to amuse them by putting two balloons into the back of my sweatpants and walking around saying “it’s time to get see-wious!” The other day, my 4-year-old was doing something silly and she said “don’t try this at home!” When I asked her where she’d heard that, she said “from Gumbo Wobbly!” Thanks for lasting laughs!

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