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Giggle Bubble Dreams is a collaboration between Living Folklore and Culture Collective. The result is a collection of inspired media from artists and educators dedicated to creating and fostering a sense of interconnectedness for children and families. Giggle Bubble Dreams presents inspired stories of hope, collective strength, & possibility for all ages.

This website contains videos and articles about Living Folklore’s multi-layered world of Giggle Bubble Dreams.
Giggle Bubble Dreams is a fantasy story that weaves together art, culture, environment and social awareness lessons, giving the reader an adventure of discovery in the non-fictional world. Berkana Thorson and kids everywhere are on a journey to find the important connections in the web of life that have been forgotten by so many.
This journey from The Forgotten Chapter to The Age of Living Folklore is a real-life educational adventure that is partnered with an innovative web 2.0 interface called Culture Collective. Culture Collective is an online social-networking and video-sharing site with a specific focus of topics that are meant to spark dialogue and action concerning our shared responsibility of creating a healthy future on Planet Earth.
These entertaining videos can inspire school projects, educational programs and deeper research into a new and emerging paradigm for our global community. In the next phase of this project, we will be incorporating age-specific curriculum ideas along with each video for teachers.
Culture Collective, is federally tax-exempt within The Creative Visions Foundation’s, Activist Network. The Creative Visions Foundation supports creative people who use media, the arts, and technology to create awareness of important issues in the world to catalyze positive change.