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“In more than 30 years of teaching, I have rarely come across a collection of individuals so dedicated to their work and so enthralled at the possibility of what humans can collectively accomplish. I support the efforts of this troupe and their dedication to the promotion of excellence in working with children.”
-Thomas Anderson, Ph.D. Tucson Unified Schools
“I love The Funny Bone DVD! Living Folklore has created a space to gently teach children (and remind adults too!) some very important lessons about simplicity and the healing qualities of laughter, play, and mindfulness.”
-Amber Elliot, Mom, Yoga Therapist, International Association of Yoga Therapists
“They made my mother laugh on her birthday…”
Dr. Arvol Lookinghorse, Lakota Chief, Carrier of The Sacred White Buffalo Pipe
“I’m really honored you chose our school and that the project is such a success. Now these kids will have something to show their kids.”
-Ed O’Malley, Mile High Middle School Counselor
“Your dedication to this gathering, and your contributions of effort and time made for the outstanding success that was acheived.”
-Richard Schneider, Ph.D. Institute of Global Education
“What you are doing is so important… I was tickled by your performance!”
-Patch Adams, M.D., Gesundheit! Institute, WV.
“I’m really excited about what these kids, Elizabeth, everybody in the community has done. Speaking for the city, we can’t ask for any better than this.”
-John Steward, Prescott City Council
“Living Folklore is a hard working, self-motivated, creative group of persons that would be an asset to any community that invites them to participate.”
-Robin Nagore, Director, Armory Park Senior Center
“Now you guys make some amazing bead patches”
-Dr. John, New Orleans Pianist
“In a world that too often downplays the value of emotion, Giggly Sprout and Gumbo Wobbly tenderly help children to embrace and articulate a rainbow of feelings. This delightful and colourful duo have taken a bold step in prioritizing children’s emotional intelligence.”
-Robin Grille
Psychologist, author of ‘Parenting for a Peaceful Word’
“I found Funny Bone Logic to be a captivating spark that ignites the kid in all of us … fabulous healthy entertainment for the whole family.”
-Kathy Arnos
Creator/Executive Producer
Whole Children, Whole Planet
“I watched FBL and loved it. I decided to watch it with a 5 year old, who was at that moment, a very grumpy girl. Her first reaction, before I put it on was,”I don’t like clown music”, she was in a big snit. After 15 minutes she was hooked, and began participating and enjoy life again. I think this says a lot about your DVD and what magic it plays with children. The costumes are just amazing and the lessons important for children to hear. I especially liked the emotion meter, we needed it that day! Thanks for allowing me to view it and share with my grumpy friend. “
-Wendy McCord, Ph.D., LMFT
Psychotherapist, Author, Horse Lover
“Funny Bone Logic” is an excellent example of media created and designed so as to activate not only the physical body, but the emotional and mental bodies of children towards a more compassionate and balanced edutainment experience. Kudos to Living Folklore for their contribution to a healthier viewer experience for our children!”
– Kate McCallum
writer/producer/consultant and Founder of
The Center for Conscious Creativity