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We are very grateful for the work of pioneers in the field of making a better world for children and families. Here are some of our favorite resources:

By Robin Grille, Psychologist
A wonderful resource for parents and educators to meet and learn about mindfulness education for children.
Shaping Youth is a consortium of media and marketing professionals concerned about harmful media messages to children. Shaping Youth aligns with parents, academics, corporations and organizations who are ready to shift the toxic values being marketed to youth.
These books show how intellectual IQ is not the only important skill neccessary for successful people.
A wonderful collection of exercises to improve mental clarity for children, also great for ADHD.
When we become a parent, we bring with us issues from our own past that influence the way we parent our children. This book helps parents understand and heal their own childhood in order to be more present and effective with their children.
Founded by Ray Castellino, the BEBA Clinic (Building and Enhancing Bonding & Attachment Center for Family Healing) is an amazing resource for parents. In this site there are numerous articles for parents, or planning parents. There are many workshops available for new parents and caregivers, with dates posted on this site.
Famous for his great work bringing humor and compassion in to modern medicine, and known for the excellent movie about his life starring Robin Williams. Patch Adams still travel the world with a group of clowns bringing joy to children in need.
Healing Resources for Children:
Peter Levine is one of the country’s leading trauma experts. This is an incredible guide for parents whose children have had a trauma, if it was birth trauma, a messy divorce, or bad accident, this resource is incredibly valuable. The website also has a great resources page.
This wonderful software uses video-gaming technology and bio-feedback to help children learn how to self-regulate. The children go on a magical journey to The Wild Divine and have to use breathing and meditation techniques to accomplish tasks along the journey.
Books and Periodicals:
We found this book at a great bookstore and couldn’t put it down.
“I was a wonderful parent before I had children…” So begins this book by a mother who learned the importance of understanding, validating and listening to her children’s emotions
Invaluable resource for mothers and daughters.
Kid’s Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness
Goldie Hawn started this foundation to help kids learn how their minds work, helping them to be more productive and less reactive. Great idea for everyone! Look at her great projects and be inspired to start a project that helps children and families yourself!
Susan Kaiser Greenland is an angel! Teaching the A, B, C’s of attention, breathing and compassion to inner city kids… there is a ton to be learned by taking time on this web-site!
Infant’s Minds and Bodies:
This Award Winning DVD will give you great insight to the consciousness of babies; their little brains begin working and perceiving long before birth!
Music/ Performance Links:
These guys are very silly and great friends of Giggly and Gumbo! They will make the whole family dance, while teaching kids about the environment, and animals!
Giggly Sprout and Gumbo Wobbly performed at this camp years ago… it is incredible! Wavy Gravy and his wife, Jahanara Romney, started it and continue to run it. There is a camp for kids, and a camp for adults located in N. California.
Katherine Dines is a Grammy nominated children’s songwriter and fabulous performer. She also creates curriculum for educators to include music in the classroom. She has performed for years with the Living Folklore Clowns in the Telluride Bluegrass children’s tent.
Organizations, Programs:
“Modern civilizations – both Eastern and Western – are no more than a generation or two removed from the belief that children were property. This, of course, goes hand in hand with the belief that women were property. The idea that children have rights, individuality, and dignity is relatively new in modern society. “