Funny Bone Logic Games
Whoosh- Scooping up invisible bubbles to throw all of your best feelings to the whole planet with a giant Whooooosh! Martial art forms that study nature and the animal world have noticed that cats often move their paws in a downward way to "bring down" the energy of their opponent. Brian Malis, M.A., RCST., came up with the idea of doing the reverse of this by "raising" the energy for everyone with a Whooosh!

Voom- Too much Whoosh often calls for some Voom to balance things out.

Yes- Wiggling is a natural way for the nervous system to release stress. As the kids slowly move the wiggle up their bodies, tuning in to each seperate part of the body, they pull all of their strength in with a giant Yes!

Worry Tree- Children today are faced with a faster paced world than any previous generation. Many kids have worries far biggger than their size. By speaking their worry to the tree, kids learn that others have worries too, and that there is a place to let worries go. The worry tree can become a daily way to relieve anxiety.

Tiny & Big- Expansion and contraction are things that children know well. Sometimes we all feel big and confindent, and sometimes small and vulnerable. It is important that we nuture both places in ourselves and in children. So often we put too much emphisis on the outward and big, that when children feel inward and small they can feel bad about themselves. In Funny Bone Logic these special inward moments are just another great way to get to know ourselves. By reaching for the tiniest and biggest places that you can feel in your body, you gain a deeper perspective on body-center.

Seeds & Flowers- From an embryo to an elder, people are like flower seeds. Gumbo and Giggly water the "Seeds" with a cloud watering can.

Dream Dance & Funny Bone Song- See why The Funny Bone Dance is sweeping the nation! The Funny Bone Dance utilizes cross-motor movements, which build left and right brain hemisphere connections. Movement and rhythm have untold powers for healing.

Ecstatic Elastic Attic- A game where time speeds up and slows down. When things speed up and a child feels overwhelm, learning to pause and breathe can do wonders for their well-being. Many children have a hard time learning how to go slow (and so do a lot of adults). Gumbo Wobbly shows that going fast can lead to a CRASH! Giggly Sprout shows another way to get back on track, by breathing slow and listening to the heart.

Emotion Potion- Everyone feels emotion. By allowing children to name their emotions and play with making them get bigger and smaller, this skill teaches kids how to embrace and feel their emotion while letting it go. It is very healthy for children to watch each other openly feel and express their emotions in a safe environment. Children learn to be in control of their emotions instead of having their emotions control them. Over the years of doing this exercise, it has been amazing to see how often children ask to express shadowy emotions. This skill also empowers children's ability to self-regulate and build emotional intelligence.

Stars & Earth- This skill is an enhanced Kundalini exercise. Breathing is one of the best ways to change emotional states in the body. By bringing oxygen to the brain and body, breathing gives us life.

Funny Bone Stew- This yogic skill stretches the imagination as well as your body. This is a good one after a long car ride, or too much sitting in the classroom. It brings more oxygen to the muscles, and opens the hips, where so much potent life force is stored.

HeHe HaHa HoHo- Laughter has many positive effects on the body. Dr. Madan Kataria, Founder of The Laughter Club Movement, and author of "Laugh For No Reason" has ignited the world with "yogic laughing". Giggly and Gumbo take this skill into an old-school hip-hop style with break-dancing and a laughing rap.