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Giggle Bubble Storyboards

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Giggle Bubble Storyboards

The development of the book took many years of work. From live performances to working with Bret Blevins on the illustrations, it was an amazing (and time consuming) adventure. There were disagreements, plenty of scribbles, and versions that ended up in the trash. The artistic process is like life, everyone scrapes their knees learning to walk!

First there was 25 pages of single-spaced text, then Bret made images, and we had to distill the text to take out the adjectives that he had depicted. The images are all very filmic, as Bret has worked with storyboards, and animations, for film and television as well as comic-books.

Because of media, and wonderful graphic design tools like Photoshop, books don’t need to be limited to black text on a white page anymore. Giggle Bubble Dreams was designed to tell the story visually, with as little words as possible. This makes it easy to visualize in a film or television application.

It is said that, in real life conversation, a very high percentage of what is being said is through body language, posture, and unconscious expressions and micro-expressions in the face. In what ways do you share who you are without words?

Learn more about Giggle Bubble Dreams at: www.gigglebubble.com/gbd.html

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