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Giggle Bubble Illustrator

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Giggle Bubble Illustrator

Emmy-Awarded Illustrator, Bret Blevins, talks art, media, technology, and community. Hear his perspective on the creative process, the digital dimension, and creating content with meaning and depth for a global audience.

In this intimate interview, Bret talks about his journey of over 25 years with companies like Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers, Dark Horse, and others. He touches on his collaboration with Giggle Bubble Dreams, and desire to take characters, and art across platforms, including film, painting, and live performance.

Learn more about Giggle Bubble Dreams at: www.gigglebubble.com/gbd.html

2 Responses to “Giggle Bubble Illustrator”

  1. Rita C Says:

    I learned so much from Brett’s interview … even as a sidelines musician. Knowing his perspectives adds an enormous amount to Birkana’s character and to all that Brett is doing with Living Folklore. Of course, a well-known artist would be refreshed working with you guys and at Gigglebubble Castle … your art, message, focus is more than a breath of fresh air … it is the whole atmosphere of new understanding and purpose. Thank you!

  2. Clown Swami Says:

    Very interesting. I learned a lot about the comic book process and how special your project is.


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