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Giggly & Gumbo with Voice of The Wetlands

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Giggly & Gumbo with Voice of The Wetlands

Using art, culture, and music to educate about social or environmental issues can be very powerful. The Voice of The Wetlands Allstars share Louisiana Culture and music, while educating about the importance of coastal wetlands, and raising funds to support organizations who protect and rehabilitate wetlands.

Giggly and Gumbo debut their Neptune Unleashed suits, which are dedicated to water, and to the people and culture of New Orleans onstage at The Telluride Blues and Brews Festival.

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux of The Golden Eagles is seen in his fancy head-dress and beaded suit. New Orleans Black Indians are an embodiment of the cultural coming together between Africans, and Indians. The beadwork style on Giggly and Gumbos suits was inspired by Big Chief Tootie Montana of New Orleans.

For many years, Living Folklore has been actively involved with The White Buffalo Children’s Foundation and creating cultural exchange programs, and public displays of art, beauty, and culture. Big Chief FiYiYi of New Orleans is depicted in Giggle Bubble Dreams. As you delve deeper into the mystical world of Living Folklore, you will begin to see a magical web of connections unfold before your eyes!

Learn more about or contribute to The Voice of The Wetlands Organization, and listen to The Voice of The Wetlands All-Star Band

11 Responses to “Giggly & Gumbo with Voice of The Wetlands”

  1. Jonathan Best Says:

    git down and with that glass cut finger no less!

  2. Rita C Says:

    Tremendous work, gang … constantly bringing us all together, from the Louisiana Wetlands to the Hopi Mesas to the Sonoran Desert and the Mayan lands … you ROCK!

  3. aymar ccopacatty Says:

    Good Work! the best use of modern media and technology is to spread light!

  4. Lily Swan Says:

    Whoooooo! Y’all are hot. Go on and shake that tail feather Giggly Sprout!

  5. Clown Swami Says:

    Gumbo bustin it with the injured finger and everything. Very impressive! An epic moment captured on film!!

  6. Frank Patrick Says:

    groovage el soul and in big color!! Wicked Wobbles on the keys and Giggly sproutin about in the big playful whew must be gettin juice from that big bubble. YESSS

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  8. Ms. Nita Says:

    I’m loving you more all the time!
    I’m also wondering how we can get you and your bubble crew to appear at Tsunami this year….
    I wonder….

  9. Viva Garen Says:

    I just have to say, I enjoy reading your site. Maybe you could let me know how I can subscribing with it ? I feel I should let you know I found this site through yahoo.

  10. Frank Trimble Says:

    Smokin. I am there right now.

  11. Ms. B Says:

    OMgsh your piano skills are siiiccccckkkk. I can’t wait until Jazz fest woooohhhhoooooo :o)

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