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Giggle Bubble Dreams

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Giggle Bubble Dreams

What if YOU had to make a dream come true?
What skills would it take? You might need to calculate numbers, mix colors, speak multiple languages, act, dance, write computer code… Whatever it may be, you’ll need to love learning if you wanna get where you’re going! Not just in a classroom, or a book, you’ll need to learn new things in all parts of your life. This is how you make dreams come true! No matter who you are or where you’re from, everyone is part of the great and unfolding story of life on earth.
What’s YOUR part in the story???

Learn more about Giggle Bubble Dreams at: www.gigglebubble.com/gbd.html

19 Responses to “Giggle Bubble Dreams”

  1. Brian Malis Says:

    This rocks!

  2. lauren Says:


  3. Jonathan Best Says:

    I love it! It’s so cute! how do I vote?

  4. Jenny Says:

    Can’t wait to see what happpens.
    Will there be more webisodes?

  5. Dani Says:

    Great job! I loved your new Website, too.

  6. Jessica Lehrman Says:

    I LOVE this!!!!!! So adorable! Cant wait to see more! You guys are going to be famous!!!!!!! <3<3<3

  7. Brian Foley Says:

    Your web site is really coming alive over the past year! There is so much more to see now. I like the way it is evolving. You’ve obviously put a lot of work and thought into this, as you do in all your works. Quality over quantity, for sure.

  8. Chase Says:

    Wonderful. It all came together!

  9. Gilligan Says:

    This is by far my favorite of all of the videos posted on your site. I sit and wait eagerly for the next video installment!! I really love all that you do for the children and the world!!

  10. Teri Hitt Says:

    This is such a great story. All the kids that come over to our house love the DVD, we look forward to buying the book when it’s available, please let us know. I love how the DVD connects kids with their emotions in a very healthy and inspiring way. Teaching them coping skills in an interactive fun way!

  11. Jim Lehrman Says:

    I’m hooked! ..wanna see what’s next. Kids I work with will love this site!

  12. Frank Patrick Says:

    Ultra portrayal of the seeds of dream fruition dressed nicely with youthful questions, confusion, and communion.
    Catching the wave to bring truth to your dreams, well done!!!

  13. Astrid Says:

    My grandsons love the story book and the video!

  14. Chrissy Says:

    What happens next????
    Can’t wait to see?
    We want more – please.

  15. Amy Jussel Says:

    Will share this at our screening of Consuming Kids tmrw., as parents are seeking alternative entertainment and wishing kids were more caught up in clouds and dreams than consumption cues…Cool webisode format. Looks like it’s time to ramp up to blog our interview on Shaping Youth…does August work for you, or would you prefer Sept. back to school timeframe when more readers are back from vacation?


  16. Frank Says:

    You guys are wayyy ahead of your time! I can’t wait to see the rest of the world catch on to what you are up to! Amazing how you are weaving ancient indigenous prophecies with modern media and fantasy! Rock on!!!

  17. Melissa Wright Says:

    You’re work is as interesting for adults as it is for kids!

  18. Cheyenne Hope Says:

    The little girl is so beautiful and such a good actress I love it 🙂

  19. Frank Trimble Says:

    Very cool. I am interested to see my children’s reactions to this…

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