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Cyril Neville, Groovin in The Giggle Bubble

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Cyril Neville,       Groovin in The Giggle Bubble

Cyril Neville of The Neville Brothers, has opened for The Rolling Stones and recorded with Paul McCartney, but he is most known for his soulful vocals, and socially relevant songs. “Thank You Sister Rosa”, about civil rights hero Rosa Parks, “Can’t Stop a Dreamer” about Martin Luther King, “My Blood” about the connections between indigenous peoples are just a few of his many famous tunes. Cyril was recently awarded a lifetime achievement award from The NAACP, and along with his wife, Gaynielle, has been passionate about cultural programs for inner-city youth through The White Buffalo Children’s Foundation. Recently, Cyril and Gaynielle have emerged with a band called Tribe 13 that combines their many talents for spreading the joy and culture of New Orleans with a collection of Austin musicians. Cyril is also active with Dr. John, Tab Benoit, and many other New Orleans All-Star musicians being active for coastal wetlands with The Voice of The Wetlands All-Stars band. You can also see Gumbo Wobbly sitting in on piano with the band at The Telluride Blues and Brews Festival by clicking here.

We are absolutely tickled that these 2 have been inspired to collaborate with Giggle Bubble Dreams! “Groovin in The Giggle Bubble” is the first in a series of cd’s for children that will get the whole family dancin’ in the living room. Many tracks are completed, and we are hopin to suprise you with a few more special guest-stars. Stay Tuned!

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4 Responses to “Cyril Neville, Groovin in The Giggle Bubble”

  1. Linda Says:

    That new Giggle Bubble song gave me the goosebumps!!!!
    Just perfect!!! Love it!

  2. Uma Says:

    Wow…what a powerful video…I love how the Neville family is so supportive and a really important part of the Giggle Bubble Dream! I do love the song too!!

  3. Stir Laughs Alott Says:

    Really so amazing_ thanks for the inspiration, please keep it up. Love the Neville, NOLA, clown, children connection. Keeps the innocence alive and the fun in life. I hope you all become very, very popular– we need the world to have the chance to see through the eyes of this kind of magic ; )

  4. Amaloba Wolfe Says:

    Such beautiful work being done on the planet! I am grateful to know the folks personally at Living Folklore! WE ARE SO BLESSED in our commUnity… Mitakuye O’Yasin!

    Mama Wolfe

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