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ABC’s For A Better World

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ABC’s For A Better World

Traditionally, ABC Books use words that describe concrete “things”. This ABC Book inspires a dialogue about IDEAS that are building blocks for creating a better world.

In the Giggle Bubble World, words are doorways to perception, imagination, and action. Introducing words that represent concepts and relationships is an important part of children’s development. Of course we don’t want to let you parents off easily, we want you to think about what these words mean to you as well. …And you will have to when your child asks anyway–right?  Enjoy
exploring your own beliefs and perceptions with your children. Take a
family journey out of the box and into the Bubble!
“O” is for orange, but let’s hope that the orange is organic, and that the process of growing it is as gentle and sweet to the land as the taste of the orange itself. The bees are much happier without pesticides, because they kiss the orange blossoms and pollinate the flowers. We live in a magical world of interconnectedness and relationships, so it is important to let the learning process be interactive and filled with stories.
You will be surprised and delighted by the explanations and stories you come up with while reading this book to the children in your life. Enjoy over 10 years of Giggly and Gumbo playing with words and letters in their hand-sewn elaborate suits.

Available for Ipad or Iphone:
ABC's for a Better World - Jacob Devaney & Elizabeth Newman

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5 Responses to “ABC’s For A Better World”

  1. Randee Hartley Says:

    I love the bright colors and the illustrations and photography are top notch. This is a wonderful video for children.

  2. Brian Foley Says:

    What a great idea! It’s never too early to start teaching our children about the roles they will play in making the world one step closer to an ideal world. The real world is certainly not yet the ideal world, but it seems that millions of people are working very hard now to erase the ugly and and create the new beauty!

    Smile On!!

  3. Tom Cantlon Says:

    I love the imaginative way the letters are designed.

  4. michael shay Says:

    this is the coolest ABC book i have seen in a long time…I’ll be getting a copy for my niece! the costumes and the faces are unforgettable. Hope to see more books with Giggly and Gumbo!

  5. Randee Hartley Says:

    Absolutely wonderful and the grandchildren loved it. Such amazing costumes, very talented clowns.

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