"My daughter loves your video!"
-Betsy Chasse, Director/Producer, "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

"Funny Bone Logic weaves a magic that begs taking part, your love and hope are infectious! I had a lot of fun watching your DVD."
-Patch Adams, M.D., Geshundheit! Institute

"I love The Funny Bone DVD! Living Folklore has created a space to gently teach children (and remind adults too!) some very important lessons about simplicity and the healing qualities of laughter, play, and mindfulness."
-Amber Elliot, Mom, Yoga Therapist, International Association of Yoga Therapists

"In a world that too often downplays the value of emotion, Giggly Sprout and Gumbo Wobbly tenderly help children to embrace and articulate a rainbow of feelings. This delightful and colourful duo have taken a bold step in prioritizing children's emotional intelligence."
-Robin Grille Psychologist,
'Parenting for a Peaceful Word'

Funny Bone Logic DVD
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Video Contains Exercises That Teach:
Movement Therapy
Mindfulness Practice
Breathing Awareness
Emotional Intelligence
Opening The Creative Mind

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